Vendor Information

Dear Potential Vendor,

Following is an outline of the workings of this organization. This group is the most prestigious and largest independent jewelry chain organization in the country.

The following is information about the workings of the Continental Buying Group, Inc. and facts that you should be aware of.

At this time, we have one hundred (100) members with approximately two hundred and seventy-five (275) retail jewelry outlets and annual sales volume of over 1 billion retail dollars. All of our members are highly respected, well established jewelers with many fruitful years in the jewelry industry.

The Continental Buying Group, Inc. office will not accept any type of reimbursement from any vendor which includes commissions, kick-backs, overrides, etc.

The benefits to you are that the CBG members are required to maintain their credit rating in the first or second column with J.B.T. If not listed in J.B.T. they must have a favorable D & B rating. Their business has to do a minimum volume of 2 million dollars or more a year. All Continental Buying Group retailers must attend both C.B.G shows or send a representative unless excused by the C.B.G. Executive Board. We also have a credit and ethics committee, which works to benefit both the members and the vendors and is made up of 2 Executive Board members and the C.B.G. office. Reports are sent to the vendor semi-annually to be filled out and returned to this office (almost like an in house J.B.T. that benefits the vendors and the members.).

Additional benefits are as follows:

1. Your general information form, deals, and sample invoice will be printed in our C.B.G. files and computer discs. This information is passed on to every member and is updated regularly.

2. We publish and distribute approximately ten (10) bulletins per year. As an authorized vendor, you have the privilege of using these bulletins as often as you desire. This is a good way to introduce new products or special promotions.

3. A fax, email and website has been set up to communicate with the vendors and members for orders and other pertinent information. For additional information visit our web site at

Your annual fee is $600.00 to cover our communication costs. Your other expense would be your booth cost at our shows. Currently the cost is $6,500.00 (we charge an extra $500.00 to our retailers and vendors if they do not support the hotel we have contracted with) and we have two shows per year. The winter show is held in Dallas, Texas.

Following are the items the $6,800.00 includes:

24 hour armed guard security starting 12 noon the day before the show as merchandise is secured in the vault until the show closes on the last day.

Your booth includes back and side drapes, a skirted table, 4 chairs, 500 watt outlet, track light with 4 bulbs sufficient to light your entire booth, waste basket and a sign with your company name and booth number.

At this show a Continental breakfast is available to our vendors and retailers during the 3 days of the show.

We will also provide lunch every day of the show that will include Indian and kosher food for those who have special dietary requirements.

Every day of the show starting at 9 a.m. to just before closing you will have access to coffee, tea, soft drinks and bottled water.

At the close of the show on the first 2 days, vendors and retailers get together in an area where hors d’ oeuvres are available along with a few open bars. A great way for everyone to unwind and socialize before heading out to dinner.

Our summer show is always held in Las Vegas and precedes the JCK show. Basically we follow much the same pattern as the winter show, just a few changes.

24 hour armed security

Starting at 9 a.m. every day there will be coffee, tea, soft drinks and bottled water.

Buffet lunch including Indian and Kosher food the 3 days of the show

At the close of the show on the first day there is a wonderful cocktail party held at one of the pools at Caesars Palace where our event takes place. Another great social gathering with hors d’ oeuvres and drinks before everyone heads out to dinner.

Enclosed is a list of 10 Commandments of our organization for both retailers and vendors. We strive for the best in both our retailers and suppliers. You will find a general information form and agreement. We will also require a current price list and a sample invoice which should clearly reflect the C.B.G. discount. Please try and be as thorough as possible.

The last and the most important requirement is to give Continental Buying Group retailers the best “deal” as an organization. There must be a level of comfort for both vendor and retailer. We pride ourselves on being the most transparent Retail/Buying Organization in the industry. Therefore, we expect the best from our “approved” suppliers. If you are accepted, the C.B.G. office is there for both the retailer and vendor.

If you have any questions concerning this agreement call the office. Please make sure that all forms requiring a signature are signed and dated before you return them.

Thank you for your interest in the Continental Buying Group. We are looking forward to hearing from you shortly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call this office.


Andie Weinman, President
Joe Murphy, Chief Operating Officer

For additional information, call us at 305-868-9004 or fill out an online information request.